Sunday, January 27, 2008

~~Bunches of lemons~~

~~When life gives you lemons~~

Yesterday was beautiful blue skies! My hubby picked lemons for me as I am making fresh lemonade because I can! LOL
My lemon tree is full with a new harvest and they smell wonderful.
Today has rained very hard and I baked and enjoyed the fresh lemon scent in my kitchen.
Sometimes the most wonderful gifts are right out your back door.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


~~~More Treasure's~~~

I have wonderful treasures.Lotta stuff as my hubby says.
So I hang and sit it where I can see it. Sometimes it's a drag to dust but that's the price of having stuff.
I took a piece of a screen door and hung prism's from it and hung it in one of my kitchen windows.
The top of my armoire in my living room has my new Paris hat boxes and my favorite bunny sitting on top of some of my decorating books.
I love olive jars and I have my favorite on my hutch that came from a Marie Calender's restaurant that was being torn down.
I have cake stands sitting on top of my Hoosier and some of my dolls and my old doll carriage on top of the ledge above the Hoosier.
So my daughter was more of an Ikea girl and is slowly coming over to my way of decorating.She comes in a shops my treasures.
I love it !

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

~~My kitchen window and collections~~

This is one of my kitchen window's and some of my treasure's.My new pink paint on my window wall. It is raining and cold however I love looking out my window and enjoying the fruits of my treasure hunts.I love my vintage white canisters and little potting shed bunnies.My Rose pattern ballerina bowls were found downtown in an antique store.My vintage sunbeam pink mixer was purchased from DebraK on her blog (bunniesbugalow) listed in my favorite blogs. And of course there is a picture of the four Curtis boys(My grandson's) on my counter.
Thanks for visiting!Hugs Anna T

Saturday, January 19, 2008

~~Morning Coffee in my favorite cup~~

My favorite coffee cup and my coffee just how I like it really light! I bought this over sized cup and saucer 15 years ago in Illinois on vacation. I put it up so I wouldn't break it and a couple of years ago I decided what was the point in not using it. So every morning I enjoy my lovely cup with it's sweet memories. Sometimes it is my peaceful time and sometimes it it Grandma time.

Little Cooper thought it was real funny that I actually thought I could lay him down and drink a cup of hot coffee! But that's OK because there is nothing better than Grandma and Cooper time!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chickens,Roosters, I miss Amy!

OK girls.I have kept very busy today.However I miss my little Sis,Amy.No she isn't really my little sister however I believe she needed a big Sister and I know I needed a little Sister so Go God! Isn't it amazing how he knows what we need when we don't !
OK so I wander around the house between cleaning ,bill paying and weighing,I became slightly depressed! Go figure.
Solution,I took pictures of my chicken and rooster collection.They are not perfect but they look pretty good displayed.Anyway they make me happy!
So enjoy them.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Treasures I bought with Amy!

OK here it is.The loot,great finds,silly stuff, nonsense,whatever you choose to call it! It was fun buying it.Amy was my personal shopper saying OOH Anna you have to buy this or Oh my Gosh wouldn't this look perfect in the Amy room! LOL .I love the little bunny postcard that is in the flower frog on the sweet pink bed jacket in front.The Paris hat boxes are fun and new but I have no clue what I am going to do with them! LOL ! I am sure someone out there has been there.
The big pink thermos is really interesting.I have seen the small ones in Starbucks.However I think this might actually be older.It is from the sunshine company in Shanghai China.I bought to Anna Lees to put away for my daughter who collects them.The sweet little suitcase actually has it's mirror still. A small vintage hat that makes me think of Sunday school and a tinsel and heart tree topper from dept.56 also adorn my stash.Lots of little old glitter bottles and two bunny books also are in my treasures.There is a very Easter looking bib apron and a Princess house cheese plate and dome I put a birds nest in. So this is a lot of damage for a short amount of time to my mad money!!!!

I'm tagged!

Priscilla from Flea Market Queen tagged me.

I am supposed to tell you 7 weird things about me, hmmm! Where to start?

1. I have OCD (obsessive compulsive behavior)

2.Have a hard time making decisions on what to buy and what not to buy.Possibly related to having OCD.

3.I have a really hard time in crowded areas.

4.I can't look a myself below my neck in the mirror! LOL

5.Wash my hands 50 times a day well a lot anyway.! OCD again.

6.Love to travel and hate to drive.

7.Really don't like talking on the phone however love email!

Now I have to tag somebody and the winner is,drum roll Amy at foursisters in a cottage!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Great goodies to start the day!

~Last Day~

I am sad already as I know in a few hours it's off to the airport and back to reality!
So let me share the last day of of Amy's trip with you.
We started off at the little Bakery that opened 3 month's ago in downtown Lake Elsinore.
It was wonderful.Very upbeat and relaxing at the same time.Great food.
Then it was off to Temecula and a couple of Antique Malls for one last look.
It was worth the trip as we found new items and did some buying.
Back to the Mill for the last real meal as Amy loves the Mill.
The Banks and the Mill were her favorite places to eat.
Last stop was downtown Elsinore and Vicki Mora's shop.Vicki's daughter Jamie was there and as usual a joy to talk to.
Now we sit and realize how blessed we are to have made the friendship we have.
Thank you all for your sweet comments and interest in Amy's vacation.
You are Angel's.
A special thanks to Ginger and Prisilla again for your kindness.
Hugs ,

Monday, January 14, 2008

Lunch at the Banks with new Friends!

We had a great time today! A true girls day out. We met at The Bank of Mexican Food Restaurant (Located in OLD TOWN TEMECULA)

The owners Craig and Christy Puma were so welcoming and the staff was totally great!

The food was awesome and I give the Bank of Mexican food a 1000 stars!

Thank you Craig for doubling as picture taker of the Four Blogger's!

A Perfect Day with Great Friends!

Wonderful is the word that pops in my mind as I look back on the day. A heartfelt thanks to Ginger and Priscilla for coming to Temecula and helping us make great memories!

What sweethearts you both are.

Time is a valuable gift and friendship is a true blessing. Amy is taking home blessed memories.

A special thanks to Priscilla's hubby for bringing her to Temecula.You two are really a sweet couple.

Sunday, January 13, 2008



Another laid back day as we went BACK to HOME GOODS.....WHAT FUN!!! I got just a few things. A PINK BUNNY RABBIT Soap on a Rope for Maddi and some Bubble Gum Balls in the cutest Chinese Carryout Box. I also found her a coin changer, you know the old metal ones the gas station guys would wear on their belt loop, only this one is metal and plastic and I thought she would love to play with that and learn money at the same time!!! I got myself the BEST PEONY lotion and body wash and of course some gourmet chocolate. to Temecula to scope out the place before tomorrow's lunch....that was pretty fun however, a lot of the stores that were there before are gone. Also, some of our favorite booths in the antique shops were no longer there. But, ya never know until you go and so tomorrow we can go and enjoy lunch with everyone (DETAILS BELOW) and have another relaxing day.
MY FIRST TIME of having Tomato with Pesto (we went to The Mill again, I LOVE THAT PLACE) and boy was it FABULOUS!!! I once again had the 1919 pizza and Anna tried the pasta. We loved em both and of course we shared!!! We both promised that we would try something different to eat before I leave on Wednesday Morning. So hopefully I won't have a weak spot and have to have the pizza again!!! LOL Please meet us on MONDAY, JANUARY 14th at 11:30am at The Bank of Mexican Food Restaurant (just click on the link for the address, directions and full menu) for a GIRLS DAY of LUNCH FUN!!! IN OLD TOWNE TEMECULA!!!!
Anna says HELLO and I just want everyone to know I am having the time of my life!!! It's so WARM (almost 80 everyday) and full of SUNSHINE!!! I'm ONE HAPPY GIRL!!! Just think how different my life was just a few months ago, I never thought I would be here today!!!
All my Love, Amy (and Anna too)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lazy Day! Dessert first!

A little dessert before a fun day.A few extra fat grams but no harm.
OK Girls I tried to get Amy to do this however she declined! LOL So you are stuck with me again.Bless her heart she is tired and on vacation.So as you can see we took it easier today. As you can also see we bought some great goodies at Homegoods! Amy is a Homegoods Virgin(her words) and only got thru half the store before she said we need to come back again before I leave.
Fun goodies from HomeGoods!Notice Amy's new coffee mug a pretty enamel blue.

This is our cheese and crackers and yes we splurged we had a dinner wine!

Friday, January 11, 2008

My find of the day!

This lovely picture with a lovely frame was hidden behind some items in an Antique shop that we stumbled on today. I asked Amy what she thought and she said are you stupid or something buy it.Then she proceeded to tell me stupid is as stupid does and life is like a box of chocolates buy it.LOL Notice the Barbola roses on the corners of the frame with original paint! So as difficult as it was I parted with the $6.50 to buy it.Yes I love it and yes Amy is thrilled that I bought it!

Simply Friends

Perfect name for a perfect shop! After eating at the Mill we ventured down the street to a lovely Antique shop named simply friends. Debi greeted us with a sunny California smile and a lovely heartfelt getting to know you conversation!Her shop was filled with wonderful treasures and soon there will be a French Flower shop in the back! How fun is that!

OK girl's we had fun today! We ate at the Mill in Murrieta and yes we ate BREAD! Not just any bread but the Mother of all breads! If you ever travel to Old downtown Murietta you are commanded to eat at the Mill(Martha Stewart did before stripes and Poncho). And not be outdone by Martha we had Ceasar chicken salad and 1919 Pizza! Yes of course we brought some home to the starving elevator mechanic hubby,well a little.

The sun is coming up over the lake and soon we will be on the road to a new days adventure.
Day two has thrift stores and whatever other whimsy we stumble on to.Beautiful weather was ordered for Amy's visit and was delivered!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dept 56 Cookie Jar

Isn't she cute! Thanks to Amy for spotting her as she knows I love Dept 56!
I always go into Dept 56 at Disney downtown when we go there.
Department 56 Cookie Jar
In 1998 Dept. 56 debuted a short-lived series of Cookie Jars that were remakes of some of the more popular vintage jars. The Brush Humpty Dumpty with Beanie, Formal Pig and a Little Red Riding Hood were a few of the jars that were reproduced in this nostalgic collection of jars. As with many Dept. 56 jars, they were not easily found when new and are now even harder to find. Issue price was under $40, but today the jar can easily command more than double that figure.
This Little Red Riding Hood is one of the prettiest new ones produced and has been very popular with collectors.
The jar is 11" tall,weighs 2 lbs 6 oz and can sell for $75 to $125.

A Great place to shop!

FUN TIME TODAY!!! Inside and outside of Mora's Antiques and you have to go there if you are ever in Lake Elsinore, California!
Vicki is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. She has awesome treasures and eye candy.

First day in California at Mora's Antiques!

What an awesome day it was!
I picked Amy up at Ontario airport at 10:40 and we headed right for the Salvation army store in Corona.
I bought a Dept 56 red riding hood cookie jar for $5.75 and a Hall autumn leaf casserole for $4.00 with the lid!
I was happy!
Amy didn't find anything terrific so to lunch we went.
Guadalajara's is the downtown place to eat if you like beans and cheese and we both do! So after lunch we went to Vicki Mora's shop across the street and had great conversation and looked at all the wonderful goodies in her store.
Vicki's son Chad is an awesome artist and has great artwork on display and for sale.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Amy's on her way(Almost)

Amy is almost on her way!!!!!!
Can't wait to see her it has been a year and a half!
Sunshine is ordered for the weekend and lots of fun!
We will post pictures of her trip.
Bless you all.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cole Ben wishes you a Happy New Year!

One of my Little guys who holds a huge hunk of my heart!

Happy New Year!

Greetings and Happy New Year!
It's hard to believe that it has been so long since I have posted.
I have been up to my neck in little boys! My grandsons!
I don't think it is possible to love anything more then Grand kids!
My granddaughter Danielle was here also and she is a sweetheart.
Of course she was out numbered by all the boys.
So now you know what I have been up to the last six weeks.

My Wonderful news is Amy (foursisters in a cottage) will be arriving in 4 days!
We have some great fun planned.
We will post pictures so you all can share our fun!

This is going to be a wonderful year I just know it.
My resolutions are the same as last year except I am going to try harder to achieve them.
Weight is a big issue as I weigh more instead of less so I am really working on it already.
Also organizing my paper work!
My desk is so sad.
Well actually it is a beautiful old oak desk however you can't see the top so it is a work in progress.
Bless you all.